Nigzu is not just about building credit.

We grow futures, we open up
opportunities, we empower people.

Nigzu aims to solve the “chicken or egg” problem in the current Credit Scoring industry

We believe it doesn't make much intuitive sense for the primary method of building a credit score today should be from having a history with credit. This issue affects young adults the hardest since, to no fault of their own, have simply never needed or been able to take out credit.

Our Story

Nigzu’s is made up of a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and programmers, who like so many, have felt the frustration and challenge of building their credit score, and have set out to change this.

Nigzu aims to become a major and a forefront player in the adoption and usage of alternative credit data as a means of accessing credit by

  • Accurately predicting consumer credit worthiness & behaviour through alternative data,

  • Incentivising creditors to inspect and include Nigzu alternative credit files as a factor in approving consumer credit,

  • Demonstrating to alternative data providers Nigzu is a simple, but effective tool for organisations to reduce data acquisition costs,

  • Effortlessly monetise user data and secure customer retention (where applicable),

  • Increasing credit awareness, visibility and access within the estimated 5.8 Million(11%) of UK adults categorised with a thin or no traditional credit file.

Our Values


Whether it is work or personal life, we strive for knowledge and we always take our time to learn new things in order to boost our personal growth.


Innovation is something that we truly value at Nigzu and we are always making sure that we bring something new to the table and do things better.


Transparency is built into the idea of Nigzu, since the beginning, we are working on ensuring that the business provides clear transparency to both our clients and customers, helping them understand what we do and how we do it.


When it comes to building a business or just learning new things in general, it is key to learn to adapt and change the way we work to be successful. Since the idea was born for Nigzu, we have all learned from our mistakes, received feedback and improved, adapting to anything that life throws at us.